Neil Patel Started Writing In Hindi 😳


Chek Out Here Neil Patel Latest Hindi Postउत्तम-seo-techniques-जो-आपके-वेबसाइट-ट/




Well it seems he is blogging in other languages as well:


He hired someone to translate articles.


100% Translate
Original article link


Why Neil using language code after url, insted of before url like this
What will be logic behind it? :thinking:


It’s category or sub folder.

To pass the link juice which won’t happen if he uses a subdomain.


If i want to start hindi version of our website. What will be the best?
subdoamin “
folder “


If you’re serious about the Hindi version of your website and you would like to pass the link juice, sub folder is a better choice. It will rank better than a sub-domain.

Make sure you use proper Hreflang tags specifying language and country :slight_smile:


Thanks @BihariLala

Why @GulshanKumar using subdomain
insted of sub folder for hindi?


Discourse is not officially recommended to install on the sub-directory. That’s a single reason for this move.


Should I start Hindi blog on subdomain or subdirectory?

  • Subdomain
  • Subdirectory

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One new question came in mind. Why big players using subdomain? :sunglasses:


Read gulshan kumar reply you will be understand


I really don’t know what’s the case behind Quora. This question if you ask on Quora, I guess someone can better answer than me. :slight_smile:

I feel, it may easier to manage on a different subdomain.

Facebook also does similar thing as per languages.


I choose wrong option. I wanted to chose subdomain. Forums which are multilingual can’t be created on subdirectory. Because you can’t use hreflang meta tags for SEO on multilingual forums.

Google may set your forum as duplicated content if it is installed on subdirectory. So subdomain is good alternative for forum I think.


Not true.


Please refer to details


This guide is for blogs and corporations only.

Alright, how will you add hreflang tags on each pages of the forum? Hundreds of posts in various languages… So, Using forum with hreflang won’t be good option I think.

The best option for a forum is a category for different language. Cloudflare and others are doing that.

Hreflangs should be added on each pages separately. Not only homepage.


May be some expert, can do via Google tag manager using JavaScript!

To be honest, I do not see much scope of SEO in the Discourse. There are already lots of basic issues which is unsolved.

I never expected this much excluded pages!

I did nothing special, it mostly happened by default.


Yes! Discourse, Flarum and NodeBB… All of them has some issues about SEO. I think you should ignore it.

Additionally, Duplicated content can cause issues, but your site won’t be penalized for it.