Never buy domain names on Godaddy - It's a crap


It happens when you buy a great domain name, not everytime.

I also got a lollipop with this email - 25% off coupon.


@Dinesh How in the world they can cancel your purchased domain without your permission! If i were you, i would have escalated this thing to the highest level and show them a lesson of their life! :wink:


why not sue them in Court and seek huge compensation?


After reading above article, I think I should transfer my existing domain before doing anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

I have paid amount until 2020, So if I transfer my domain, I will have to pay again to another company?

I’m thinking to transfer to Google domains, which one do u prefer?


Can I transfer my GoDaddy domain to Google Domains? I bought it in September 2017 and for 1 year.


Of course, you can. Google Domain is best in my opinion.
Please contact them they will clarify all your queries:


I am using Reseller Club to register domains for my personal projects and my client projects too.


Godaddy online chat customer care service worst!!!



I personally never trust on godaddy. They do the domain name front running. Once in 2015 I was searching some random domain names one of them was available to register but i didn’t registered that time, i checked domain again few minutes later and that was gone.

The domain was although it was not a great name but godaddy stole it anyway. That’s the last day i searched anything on godaddy.

Use namecheap or namesilo they both are great.


My experience with Godaddy:
The domain ( was about to expire.
I checked on godaddy on the day of registery purge, it said domain is available.
I placed an order and it was processed (but domain didn’t show in the account)
I paid the usual 2 Year .com domain price of approx ₹1300 (including privacy protect etc.)
I contacted their support and they said there is some technical issue and that the domain will be available soon. (which never actually happened)
turns out, hugedomains acquired the domain and listed it for sale for some $2700
Then godaddy was really F**ked, They said that the amount you paid was for domain name privacy not for the domain itself.
I couldn’t understand that. After arguing with them over a call for almost 2 Hours they admitted that they had some system issue and will request their relevant team to process a refund for my order.
It took them another 3 weeks to refund my amount.

Since then, i’ve purchased/transferred all of my domains to which is far more reliable and has never failed on me in similar situations.


For Domains: Google Domains and Cloudflare is a best option, both provider UI has great.


Cloudflare is great but do they support registering new domains? afaik they’re only supporting domain transfers as of now.
I don’t personally trust google for anything so that already breaks the deal for me.


Currently, only transfer is possible via


That’s exactly what I’m saying. You still need a first point registrar to register domains and I choose for it. I will transfer many domains to cloudflare this year because their renewal rates are lower compared to


Godaddy has lots of flaw … but still they are among biggest player

My incident is with namecheap …
I tried to register they listed with normal price at first… but did’nt let me complete the payment… for 2 times…

Then after 30min they listed it as Premium with 2600$ price …

I still trust namecheap … at least they have system that could decline payment in such kind of discrepancies

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I was chatting with hostgator and they added me 55th in Queue so it is common with all popular hosts :frowning:

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I am happy with GoDaddy… though now I am moving my domains slowly to Cloudflare.

But in general, I have faced no problem with them till now! :relieved: I have purchased many domains and even some by mistake and GoDaddy customer support refunded my money back in just an hour.


I have my domains with ResellerClub. Does anyone have any experience?