Never use one password on Multiple sites (Lesson learned)


So I have heard this thing many times but never paid any attention

And last month, I got an Email from Zoho that there was a Data breach and password has been leaked. I show it, cursed Zoho and forgot it.

Then Yesterday, My twitch account suspended because someone tried to log in
Today, Reddit account suspended

Thank god that these Platforms can know the suspicious logins otherwise I was doomed.

Just spent 2 hours and Changed all passwords of every single site. (LastPass and Google auto-generated passwords)
If you also use Zoho then check if you have used the same password on another site too.


2 factor authentication is must…

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For important accounts, I always use 20-40 characters long passwords, also I keep enabled Two Factor Auth. Further, I keep changing on regular basis.

When I recommend to someone, I often hear …

Now, how I will manage to keep remember this long password?

  • You don’t need to remember. Let the password manager and auth app do the job for you.

What if I need to login at some new device?

  • You can reset the password. It takes less than 5 minutes.
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Use a good password manager to save your passwords.

I am using Lastpass for several years to generate and save all my passwords. I always use random password of minimum 21 charecters.

Recently i moved from Lastpass to Bitwarden after suggested it.

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