New Process of Getting into Google News?

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I heard that the whole Google News inclusion system has changed and now we are not required to apply for Google News to be a part of it. I have seen people telling Google will automatically add our website to News and all.

Can someone throw some light on it? As of now, How can we add our website to Google News?

Thanks in advance.

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Without applying for google news?


Is still we need Yoast news plugin or Google news XML Sitemap plugin for Google news??

Yes, now Google has closed manual application submissions to it’s Google news. It will automatically include your site, keep posting content daily basis may help you to get in to Google news…

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Yep last Month Stats 75k+ user’s


What about Google Publisher Center? If we apply through Publisher Center, will we get listed in the web version?

They have ruined the Google news approval process completely. As per the new algo, every site is eligible to show up in News section without getting approval from Google. That may sound like a good thing, but it’s not.

Google algorithm decides which site should rank and which ones shouldn’t.

AFAIK, you can still apply for Google News and get approved, but you’ll not rank or even show up for your site name unless you use command in SERP. Their algorithm will decide whether you should rank or not, and in most cases, you’ll not unless you get cited by other Google news approved sites or you are an authority in news segment.

The sites which were previously approved will continue to rank normally and they are not dependent on this new algo.

You don’t need Google News to show up in Discover or Chrome suggestions. What you need is AMP and luck, and that should help.

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What’s the role of Publisher Center, only to show in the Gnews app?

Publisher Center lets you publish directly without WordPress to Google News.

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