New website idea

So I have another domain name I want to utilize this domain for money-making. But again not sure about the niche or any other idea. Can anyone suggest? Do not suggest web dev business or domain flipping ideas. Thank You :slight_smile:

Nowadays, everybody is writing on money-making without making the money online, If someone is earning $5 or less in a month - still he/she is writing blogs on online money earning.
What I want to say?
You should choose the topics on which you have expertise, so that you should not be dependent on other (writers) and you can write on daily basis (this is the only way to get success in the blogging). Brother! Niche matters but the important things which is more than important is niche is the continuous content submission.
So, please don’t focus on that niche on which you personally do not have a good command.


Writing on making money online is impossible unless you have some good proof to show. Also google is very cautious now a days with these topics. My life and My money is a topic where you need to have some good reputation in google eye to be successful or it will be very tough to rank. So i would suggest go for something else. The domain leans towards tech which is again a compitetive one unless u find a gap.

oh guys I think u didn’t understood the point, I wan to utilize the domain for money making purpose not the niche of money-making.

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hmm, you could create a website for geeky memes and all other geeky stuff… If you’re a geek and you find/learned something interesting then just slap that on your website…

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any domain can be used for that - the things that matters is the content i.e. frequent updated content, meaning full content

Make a site with DIY tricks. Ex. Wiki How.
This domain is suitable for that.