No images in the Image Search

Hello Guys,

Non off my images are showing in the Image search. The only image shows up is the featured image.
Even I search the image with my website name.

I am using Yoast. Is there any setting that impacts this.

In Google Search Console only my Page and Post URLs are there on the site map.

Can someone please help with this.

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What is site URL?

Here is the URL -

I am not sure, I am missing something here.

Looks fine… Give it sometime to crawl more images.

@GulshanKumar Does it mean my images just started indexing? WOW!!! My site is around 3-4 years old. And I moved it to Bunny CDN using your tutorial just 10 days before.

Thanks for pointing this. So earlier it was not indexing but it is now started.