November 2018 AdSense Earnings and Report

(Say less, do more . . .) #1

Thread to discuss Google AdSense November 2018 month earnings, new update and more.

Now you have to verify each site. :disappointed_relieved::open_mouth: Each new site will go through a verification process.

(Amit Tiwari) #2

Is that for old adsense also?

(Batman of the forum) #3

Not exactly.

But you should use AdSense sites feature. It’s really helpful and a great way to show ads on your site only and not on scrappers site.

Here is a example: Someone copies your content, the bot may also copy your ad units and the ads would appear on the scrappers sites. But if you turn on sites feature, you can manually approve the sites you OWN. Once you’ve this feature on, you have entered the sites you own, ads won’t appear on any scrappers sites.

Also consider using Ads.txt (eg: It’s another great feature that many publishers ignore.

(Say less, do more . . .) #4

As per google, YES.


Ctr dropped a lot for this month.

(Amit Tiwari) #6



What do you mean?


Very bad day. Ctr dropped to 0.4%

(Batman of the forum) #9

Yeah, CTR has dropped here as well.

(Saksham Kumar) #10

This is good.


:astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Adsense very bad. Ctr 0.4%

(Batman of the forum) #13

yeah it’s bad here as well

(Myil Raj) #14

I have started a blog for my friend and the blogs earned $113 (First Online Earning for my Friend). Wait Curiously to see his first earnings.

(Pradipta Mandal) #15

How much time your friend took to earn his first $100?

(Myil Raj) #16

6 months! And now everyday $3 - $5.
He is managing Content Writing and SEO.

(Pradipta Mandal) #17

This is great. I took 2.5 years

(Myil Raj) #18

Really! But that’s too long.
I am supporting other people too and let them start making money in 100Days from Blogging.
This is possible, just set a proper Goal and Destination.

(Kanth King) #19

CTR slightly increased for my sites this month which is good…

(Pradipta Mandal) #20

My CTR is 0.5% :sob::sob: