November 2018 AdSense Earnings and Report


Ctr 0.52%


So how is AdSense treating you this month?

  • Good
  • Unchanged
  • Bad

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What happened to everyone? Is everyone upset because of adsense income drop and don’t want to write anything or people are so busy making $$ from adsense and forgot this thread?

Just a quick poll. Last 3 days were:

  • Bad
  • Good
  • Same as usual

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Adsense earning is normal but huge drop in organic traffic this week. Is anyone here facing the same issue



Any one received adsense payment mail. I have not received yet .


I have not received either.


received mail yesterday evening


Not yet! This time around it’s getting too late.


I’m also not received email yet .


me too - I din’t received yet.


same here, not received yet.


Still not received the payment mail…:frowning:


No payment mail received yet. Seems holiday season at Google office.


Payment mail received Ireland


i receive from ireland too, so it should start rolling out payments soon


It was Thanksgiving day in the US but this has nothing to do with our payments as we get from Singapore.


my few friends received payment mail on 21 . but i have not received any mail from Adsens yet.


Same here dear, I also did not get any kind of email from Google