November 2018 AdSense Earnings and Report


Cyber Monday is not a public holiday I guess.


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Payment not credited on my bank account


Does anyone have got Adsense Payment in India? No emails so far.


No, it may arrive tonight.


It’s 26th. Might arrive today, as they mentioned 21st-26th in their official documentation.


I received the AdSense income with rate 69.09 per dollar - ICICI bank.


When did you receive the email?


Hope we will all get today


Here is a statement from AdSense’s support team:

We have noticed a delay in the November payments and are working hard to send your payment as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience while we work on resolving this issue, and know that I will pass you any new information I get immediately. I know that a payments delay can be incredibly stressful, so we will be working tirelessly to fix this as soon as possible.


21st itself


Google has officially confirmed the issue in a support document.


Still awaiting for the email! :thinking:


I got the email on 21, but not yet received the payment. :expressionless:


Payment has been released

Just got email

We sent a payment for your Google AdSense earnings on Nov 26, 2018.


just received the email too


Finally received the payment mail


I got the payment :grin:


Yes, on Monday.


Till now no Payment email from Google.