October 2018 AdSense Earnings and Report

(Bihari Moderator) #1

Thread to discuss Google AdSense October 2018 Earnings.


Starting is quite better than the previous month. Hope this festive season bring happiness to all the bloggers - including me.

(Rohit Singh) #3

Starting is very bad


(Bihari Moderator) #5

It was a terrible day :open_mouth: :frowning:


Adsense dead for me. :sob: What about yours?

(Vishnu) #7

Actual footage of my AdSense dropping dead.

(Rohit Singh) #8

Not good till now

(Suprim Shrestha) #9

Better starting than last month.

(yassine) #10

Starting is very bad :persevere:

(Himadri Saha) #11

Mine is 30% better than previous month.

(Bihari Moderator) #12

It’s bad

(Himadri Saha) #13

Still very good for me. I can see +136% rise in my performance. Using InArticle units and a Header leadrdboard increased my revenue.