October 2018 AdSense Earnings and Report


Thread to discuss Google AdSense October 2018 Earnings.


Starting is quite better than the previous month. Hope this festive season bring happiness to all the bloggers - including me.


Starting is very bad



It was a terrible day :open_mouth: :frowning:


Adsense dead for me. :sob: What about yours?


Actual footage of my AdSense dropping dead.


Not good till now


Better starting than last month.


Starting is very bad :persevere:


Mine is 30% better than previous month.


It’s bad


Still very good for me. I can see +136% rise in my performance. Using InArticle units and a Header leadrdboard increased my revenue.


Has anyone here tried Newor Media or Primis Advertisers. Reviews plz.


I use Primis and I earn more money from it than adsense.


I spoke to the Primis guys yesterday and they told me they give just one ad unit per site. So is it possible to make more than Adsense with just one ad unit?


They provide video ad, slider ad and in article ad. So you can only place 1 video ad in 1 page. I am using all 3 ads and yes I am earning more than adsense. You have to have a traffic from Tier 1 countries to earn good.


Any one received payment in icici bank. I want to know icici bank currency exchange charge and rate.


Yes, I get traffic from tier one countries only. Thank you so much


40% drop :frowning: