October 2018 AdSense Earnings and Report


I’m hit BADLY by google update. I just can’t believe this. It has never been this bad and I don’t even know what’s wrong with the site.


I am hit as well, Arshi. Traffic drop is up to 50% and I hopeless :frowning:


Some of my articles have vanished from SERP and some have gone down to 3rd, 4th or 5th page from 1st page.


Visits dropped to what from what?


Around 50% or maybe more. Can say that surely after a couple of day. But I’m on top in Bing and other search engines, so that’s getting me some traffic.


Maybe it’s just a temporary Google dance…


I can only hope for it, but I think it’s a penalty. I checked the manual action report, it’s clean. I didn’t buy or sell backlinks, I didn’t make spammy backlinks, my content is 100% original. So I don’t even know what’s wrong.


If it is, then no need to go for AdSense alternative. AdSense itself will perform well for tier 1 countries


Nope. last month I earned 2.7k from adsense and from primis I earned 4k


I am also. My posts that were on #1 and in snippet view are now not even 2nd page of Google. Site with less than 300 words and even no words(just title) have outranked me. :worried:


This month is terrible, what about you guys?


I am thinking to start using Google AdSense at main blog again to see how it works.


Bloggers won’t click on another blogger’s ad.


Yes, that’s a truth. Need to focus on Affiliate.



True for Indian bloggers. But not for other top country bloggers. So brand your blog at international level and you AdSense will give a profit.


Hi. Where can I find the coverage section in Adsense desktop and Android phone?



Open AdSense app, from sidebar, click on ad unit option, then tap on your ad unit of your choice, and slide right to find coverage tab.


My October earning down by 58% and this month vs same day last month down by 44% . Mtlb ye mahine pichhale mahine se bhi jyda bekar ho rha hai.


Thanks dear :slight_smile: