October 2020 Google AdSense Earnings Report

It’s a new month and let’s get back to AdSense discussions!

Welcome to October 2020 Google AdSense Earnings Report - In this thread, we’ll discuss current revenue trends, bugs or issues with AdSense.

September was a really good month for me if I ignore 10% and steadily growing clawback, but October is looking horrible so far. CPC and RPM are down, while traffic and impressions are better than last month.

How is AdSense treating you in October?

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October started really well for me but it’s going down since past 3-4 days.

Going Down by 20x

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CPC Down, generally October goes great due to BBD sale and other festivals, but this time it is going down by 50X

My RPM did drop as the new month began. It seems to be climbing back up!


Any changes in your AdSense earnings on today?

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Anyone Noticing Low Clicks, my CTR dropped from 2-3% to 0.5 - 1% @rajdeep @Suprim @BihariLala

CTR dropped by 0.5-1%, current CTR rate is 4.5-5%

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For me it’s same.