[OFF_TOPIC] Suggest Me a Client Management Software

I recently shared my Fiverr story here.

Today, I want your help to get a decently software for managing my client profile.

What, I want. A software that:

  • Help me to create profiles of business and I can store little infos like Contact, their website
  • After profiling, I can mark them as Approached, Working, Worked

I hope you guys get my point, please suggest me if you know any such software.

Right now, I am using Slack to do this, but it’s not meant for that purpose and not feasible.

Hubspot CRM

I use Notion, but as @GulshanKumar mentioned, Hubspot free CRM is also a great option.

  2. CloudOnex (Not sure is it a CRM or not but it can be self-hosted)

Get SuideDash lifetime. I use it to manage my clients

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