One Site Copy My Content and giving Credits


One of the site posting all of my content on their site. And giving credits, is it safe?


There are dozens of site doing such activities… They use some kinda copy scrap bots… This tool not just copy from us… Even from authority site. I dunno how this will effect us.


Depends on site authority.

Generally, Article curating (copying) is done via RSS Feed. Possibly, you can prevent it.


How can we prevent it?


By disabling RSS feed.
Note: This may affect indexing speed.


Yes… It effects the indexing speed… I faced the problem myself.


Ignore them. It’s not worth launching DMCA.

Google is smart enough to figure out the original article.

If that site is copying others work as well, you should consider disavowing those backlinks given in form of credits.


Yes I do that… My disavow link list has almost 2477 links.