Only media and database backup

Any know plugin or trick that can Migrating the media files from one wordpress site to another only media only images

First at
Go to Tools > Export > Select what you need > You will get example.xml file in few KB or MB.

  • Do not delete source site.

Next at

  • To import content from the XML, the must be accessible over web.

  • keep max_execution_time php.ini value minium 600 or higher at server.

Ya bro not working in local host to local host

Try once All in One Migration? I think it would be simplest.

Ya I think only media migration options not their in all in one migration

Can it work ?? If I do like this copy upload file in old local host to new local host and media data base !

AIO doesn’t have seperate media option.

With UpdraftPlus you can seperately take backup of WordPress media (known as Uploads) at Drive, Later you can restore it.

Alternative option

  • Make that local site temporarily live somewhere, generate XML and import at Target site.

Also see: Incase images do not appear in media

I hope this help.

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