Optimising Images

I have many images on my website about 80 posts and most of them have 10-12 images.
Now I want to optimize the images.

Is there any free way that I could bulk optimize these images??

A question before -

  1. If the images are optimized will the URLs of the images be changed on the articles too?

for Apache / NGINX?

currently using NGNIX but WP is directly installed via one click installer by Vultr.

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I would recommend avoiding that one click method. Because it uses slightly different structure, I am personally not familiar neither I feel interested in learning same.

So what I would recommend is using my blog article to re-install WP on LEMP stack after taking entire backup. This process is proven to work in the long term. Already using on some site that receive million of hits each month. I would feel more comfortable and interested in offering support for it.

Your question deserves an entire article. I would suggest waiting for few days.

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@GulshanKumar I read your article upon LAMP that was up a few months ago. Was one of the articles that I bookmarked.
But I guess now you have replaced it with NGNIX.

I tried using your method with AWS but failed.

LAMP (Apache), I have never written yet.

Just updated article for you. See the NGINX section for WebP implementation. Discuses varied response method that is suitable for non-cloudflare-proxy users. Using this method you can serve WebP without changing image URL at all. Hence, most SEO-friendly and professional approach.

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