Optimize Images on the Fly with Autoptimize via ShortPixel



Autoptimize plugin launches on the fly image optimisation with ShortPixel.

  • To use this feature, you need to install and activate Autoptimize plugin.
  • Go to its settings > extra > check optimize images.

ShortPixel is a well known plugin in the WordPress community, with wonderful team who can help you whenever you need. :slight_smile:

Interestingly, this works with cdn.shortpixel.ai subdomain powered by StackPath CDN. It works like a smart proxy.

Overall, I noticed it was an easy experience to optimise images quickly.

Thanks to Frank, AO author and I congratulate for the great partnership with ShortPixel.

Alternative methods for Image optimisation

  • Cloudflare for the Pro plan users also offers image optimisation feature with Mirage and Polish namely. The mirage features enable lazy loading for the mobile devices, where polish allow serving with compression. User can also enable WebP for the reduced image size.

  • Similarly, WordPress own JetPack Photon also offer image optimisation feature.

Also see: How to Resize WooCommerce Product Thumbnail images?

Conclusion: Is it worth?
I believe the on the fly image optimisation with ShortPixel smart API is the fastest way to get a website ready with optimized images.

  • However, I am skeptical about suddenly changing my existing image path to the ShortPixel subdomain.

  • Generally, I would like to serve images from own domain. No matter what happens.

  • I think, If there will be any feature for custom domain from the ShortPixel side, I believe it would be better from branding, security and SEO point of view.

  • What if tomorrow I want to stop using on-the-fly feature? There will be no way to set SEO-friendly 301 redirect from old to new path. Because I do not control ShortPixel domain.

  • ShortPixel subdomain already add canonical to original WordPress URL in the HTTP response what about that? Sorry! Google doesn’t use canonical for images. Personally, I would think once before using this feature.

  • One more thing, user also need to pay attention that in future they may need to upgrade as per ShortPixel plan.

Have you tried this feature or have any questions? I would love to hear your feedback.