Owners of Endurance Group just bought Yoast

  • Please do not update Yoast without checking the changelogs first.

  • You may consider switching Rankmath after taking backup because it has a better reputation.


YoastGator, time to leave the plugin


Why so @GulshanKumar ?

I’m already using RankMath Pro.

organic traffic me effect pada?

I am using Yoast plugin, this is best for SEO according to me.

When you are using an SEO plugin you are giving control of your traffic to them. Any small mess up by them can eradicate years of your hard work.

Yoast has messed things up twice in the past. That’s when I decided to drop it altogether.

Be aware, if you are considering your blog as a serious business. If its a hobby, or a sidegig then you might be all good!

Here is the screenshot for one of my site. After the may 2020 bug, i decided to get rid of all seo plugins and never gave the control back to them.

Here you can see a big dip, Although I removed the plugin and traffic recovered soon thereafter, But it was a decent hit. The plugin also caused a lot of indexing issue for my site at that time as that bug de-indexed a lot of my articles.