Page speed suggestions


Can someone help me out to fix some of these issues, I am facing some speed issues in mobile
1)Ensure text remains visible during webfont load

2)Consider reducing the time spent parsing, compiling and executing JS. You may find delivering smaller JS payloads helps with this.
|Script Evaluation|2,347 ms|
|Style & Layout|714 ms|
|Other|480 ms|
|Rendering|153 ms|
|Parse HTML & CSS|151 ms|
|Script Parsing & Compilation|97 ms|
|Garbage Collection|58 ms|nt load


Please use Forum search with query ‘speed’ .

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Well, above response cover all basic important things about speed optimization.

I would like add few additional points.

  • Disable web font and use safe-font like Arial, System. This won’t appear again. But, why would do it? Please don’t.

I see you are using Autoptimize plugin, please check its setting and disable concatenation (bundling assets) options.

Learn more: 5 reasons we don’t need to combine CSS/JS files with HTTP/2


Dont you think

Doing so will improve the speed? as per pagespeedinsight?

Does that mean we should not combine jss and css? Then how can i fix that error?
How is combining js causing issue with adsense?

  • Safe-font is faster in rendering than a web font. Hence, it improves performance.

  • In case of HTTP/2, already said above in that Topic combining doesn’t speed up load time of CSS and JS. Again, I would repeat same: It is better to do not combine even if any tool of the world recommend this outdated practices of HTTP 1.1 age. Sometime, score at some tool goes downgrade without combining, that is perfectly fine as long your actual load time doesn’t suffer. Test, implement what works best.