Paid Traffic vs Organic Traffic?

I need to know that here, Anyone promoted their blog articles via Facebook advertising ? If yes do you see is there any good impact and traffic ?
What do you suggest ?
Paid Traffic or Organic Traffic…?

Janaki Vamsi

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If you have money go for paid traffic for faster result. But your investment should get you profits.
If you want to play a long term game and do not have money at start, go for organic traffic.

I never used Facebook traffic but used adword once.


All hail Organic Traffic.

You work hard for once and get long term traffic which is interested in your product/page and more likely to convert.

Here you don’t go after people, but they come to you looking for a solution.

On the flip side, Paid traffic is good if you need to promote your products and get the words out there in open.

You don’t get long term traffic but only till your budget allows.

Also, you go after people and say them to buy your services which they may or may not need and it’s your job to make them believe that they do.

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Don’t waste your money on FB advertising unless you are generating leads.

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This article may help you to promote the content on facebook

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