Payment is stuck in between payoneer and SBI

Hey guys, I was supposed to get my amazon affiliate payment via Payoneer to the local bank (SBI) on 28-29 June. It’s been more than 14 days; the payment is yet to credit to my SBI account.

Payoneer says that the process is complete from their side, and SBI says ask Payoneer to give transaction proof/statement. I don’t know what do I do now. If you have some suggestions/advice, kindly share.

  1. Set default bank account in Payoneer
  2. Download FIRC (proof) in the Notification menu.

Click on activity>transaction>choose transaction> Option to Get Confirmation>Download it and visit the bank!
Also take a FIRC copy as stated by gulsan sir

I did the exact same still the bank was asking for transition details.

such as?

Firc contains a bank transaction number. Provide the number amount and date …
It is quite possible that they are not putting an effort to do things

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Yea man, SBI…Typical govt. banks -_-

I remembered an incident from your words.
I had received my first payment using SBININBBXXX swift code. But next time the payment was delayed by 3 days. I dialed SBI care and they said there is no such swift code and my entered code is wrong. On the same day I received the payment via the so called wrong swift code code. Even my last month’s payment also came via this swift code.
Govt. Bank employees are totally careless

That’s why I’m thinking to switch from SBi to ICICI or Axis.
But confused about which one to choose?

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Make sure, “default” is written. If not, your balance will shows “Blocked”. I


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For AdSense payment, SBI or Canara Bank are better.

If you choose private bank, the USD to INR conversion fees will be higher.

In private bank, ICICI is better. Their iMobile app has many things that doesn’t require visiting branch.

If I compare SBI and ICICI, there are some difference based on my experience.

  • Cost-effective: SBI doesn’t require to maintain any balance in normal saving account. But for business transaction, current account is better with 10K requirement.

  • Net Banking: I like onlinesbi net banking as it offers clean user interface except the fact it will be down every night but that’s ok for me. Well, ICICI is also great but you need some time to adapt its layout which has many advt inside it.

  • Mobile App: Yono Lite is great, Yono is bulky, both lacks fingerprint “full login” support (except for checking balance). Where, ICICI iMobile is outstanding for using BHIM upi, managing CC, fund transfer from payee list, applying PPF, requesting new ATM card, etc. But these thing doesn’t matter for me. As I don’t check app on regular basis. There are better alternative for UPI.

  • Branch experience: SBI is better for me where other experience may not be same. ICICI is also good. The experience good or bad comes from any particular branch employees and “customer behaviour”.

  • Credit Card / Promotional offers: ICICI has better offer, easy to get CC, more.

  • Customer care: I think, ICICI is slightly better.

  • NEFT / IMPS: SBI doesn’t charge. ICICI regular saving acc charges. ICICI Gold Saving account will not charge for NEFT/IMPS, offers higher limit.

  • Debit Card: I think ICICI debit card is better, as globally supported with recurring payment as well. Though, I think for recurring payment, CC is better alternative.

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Yes, I have already set up a default bank account.

Okay, this time I’ll take a printed copy and explain them everythihng. Let’s see. thank you.

I’m using RBL bank digital account to get funds from Payoneer.

I think the currency conversion rate is also better. Never visited branch even once. (Even for account account opening).

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