Paypal has limited my account access. Unable to withdraw money

Hi…Recently i received advertising income in my Paypal account for showing ads of
a particular ad network. Paypal has limited my account access. I am not able to withdraw the amount.

It first asked me for my PAN details
and some details as proof that i had provided a service to the ad network so i was being paid.
I followed it up by telling them about my website and also screenshot of the adnetwork payment tab.
But they still did not unblock my account. They have sent me a mail stating that they have contacted the adnetwork and have asked details from them. The adnetwork has informed me that they have responded to paypal.
But my account still has limited access :frowning:
I had received the payment from the mentioned adnetwork using Payoneer before and never
faced an issue. I had to use it as some other adnetwork was not supporting payoneer.
I regret using Paypal. Their customer support is pathetic. Just responding to a client quickly is not good customer support. The customer support guys have zero knowledge and they just tell
that Paypal will contact you about this issue directly.
It has been 15 days since my money is blocked and i cannot withdraw it.
**Has any of you guys faced such an issue. Also how much time does it take for paypal to **
resolve this. I am not able to do anything as I cannot contact the required accounts team directly. Thanks

I have faced this issue multiple times in the starting. I understand your problem but there is not much you can do right now.

You should first make sure all of your documents are with PayPal and then talk to their customer support agent on the phone. This process will take some time.

They may also block your money for 21 days and you can only withdraw the payment after the required period. They do this to make sure as a new seller you are not spamming.

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@Saksham thanks for sharing your experience. It helps a lot.