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PayPal vs Payoneer: Which is best for the Freelancer?

Today, I received payment on both PayPal and Payoneer. Here’s my short review.

When it comes to exchange rate, Payoneer is better than PayPal.

Payoneer 1 USD = 68.6343 INR


PayPal 1 USD = 67.4108 INR


Money Transfer :rocket: Speed: Both are great :heart_eyes:

  • Yesterday morning and afternoon, I received Payment and PayPal and Payoneer respectively, today evening I received at my SBI Bank account.

Sign up process of PayPal and Payoneer

  • PayPal sign up process is straight forward, requires bank account verification which takes little longer. Both services requires valid PAN card. Generally takes 2-3 days to complete the sign up.

  • Payoneer accepted my sign up application within 30 minutes and I thanked them via Twitter message. I liked how they are so responsive. :slight_smile:

  • Later after account approval, I provided photograph of PAN as additional verification.

  • Overall, it was faster sign up experience with Payoneer.

  • If you sign up at Payoneer and receives a total of $1000, we both earn a $25 reward. :dollar:


Critical Review, Complaints, Marketing, Compliance aspects

  • PayPal is globally accepted (except in few countries), but now I am more inclined toward Payoneer as they are partnered with my freelancing platform: Fiverr. Now, using Payoneer is profitable for me. Now, I get paid in local currency with less fees.

  • PayPal and Payoneer both says, they are able to provide FIRC document which can be helpful in future. Requesting FIRC document was easier, they are sending me at my address. Let’s see!

  • Payoneer site appears to have a technical glitch. Opening its link from Google India SERPs stuck in the redirect loop with referral information query string. I have reported to them and waiting for fix.

Customer support experience of Payoneer and PayPal

  • PayPal support is always best, available in local language.

  • Payoneer support is available only in English reachable via Phone call, e-mail and chat. I find hard in understanding their tone.

That’s all.

Let me know how was your experience with them.

Thanks & Regards,


Will Payoneer sends us a card if we transfer the minimum fee to Payoneer?

Sorry, I didn’t get your question. There are many things I still don’t know about it.
I would request contacting customer support for related queries.

Before they used to send us a card first and later on we could activate it by paying $30 transferring money from others personal or business account. But nowadays to get a card you need to pay the minimum fee ($30) first but it should be transferred using the business account, if you pay using personal account then they will not send you a card.

Did you get your Payoneer card?

No. I have not taken its card. I feel, I don’t need that.
Is there any advantage of Payoneer card?

Don’t you need Mastercard to use Payoneer? Like Card Number, Date, and CVC code?

I connected Payoneer with its partner site Fiverr and it’s working flawlessly to receive money in 1 day. I never found any need of Mastercard in this whole journey so far with them.

Don’t you need a card like this for transaction?

No… it’s not required. In Payoneer, I have added my Bank account and I can withdraw money there.

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Ok Got it. is only accepting payoneer going forward and banned paypal… now lets see how the first payment goes with payonner… paypal is good but there transaction fee is too high… feels like we work hard and they steal the cherry right under the nose…

UPDATE: I do not use Payoneer to receive ‘Personal Payment’. It’s better only for receiving payment from well-known brands.

  • Payoneer keep cancelling “Personal Payment” without providing exact reason.

  • When asked, they said - You do not have complete address. But I know, it’s already same since day one while sign up. I did not changed anything.

  • With PayPal I don’t have any issues except one or two times they asked for Indentity verification that’s perfectly fine for me instead how Payoneer suddenly ‘cancel’ payment and leave clueless.

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I use both Payoneer is better in exchange rate and less processing fees. Paypal has good customer support but low exchange rate and high processing fees they eat on your hardwork :slight_smile:

Soft copy of FIRC is enough for taxation. U dont need physical copy.