Pending Request For Sitemap



My new site just approved in google news in HTTP version, then I contacted Google to change my sites version to https and it got changed to https, now problem I am facing is, from last 3 days my sitemap is on pending, I did everything which I can do I even created a new webmaster tool for my site, I am sharing image of my sitemap. I need you to help me @GulshanKumar.



Sorry, there is a huge mistake which can be corrected.

There was no need to index “attachment”. It will cause duplicate content issue.

Better, Redirect attachment to its Image URL.

Second, there is no need to submit all those internal sitemap links.

Just, submit one


That’s it. Google can find it automatically!

About pending, you need to wait 2-3 days. There is no other solution.


thanks bro


You’re welcome!