PIL Against Huge Invalid Deduction

As we are facing huge and ever-increasing deductions from our earnings in name of Invalid Activity, i guess its perfect time to come together and file a Supreme court PIL against Google.

People are loosing over 50 % of their earnings as Invalid, without any explanation at all. Google is doing this in all countries, while situation seems worse in India.

We need to stop this unfair use of monopoly by Evil Google. Sunder is doing this coz he knows that its a very very tolerant nation. we should save our ads industry from being wasted by Google.

SC will make google open all its bad deeds, and our future earnings will be saved from being wasted.

Google won’t pay a penny out of there pocket.
The problem is advertisement works on pay later basis. I.e. most advertisers pay google after the ads are runned for a month. Say next month a company don’t pay for their ads then google will consider those ads as invalid and not pay you. Most premium ad networks absorb this as clawback however google deducts this from their publishers.

This was something other premium company figured out months ago.

Go through this article to learn more:-https://www.mediavine.com/bidshield/

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Its due to pandemic bro. A lot of business went out and closed their doors.

Ads are planned and inventory is sold in advance for most large companies. So, any change takes time to effect. I was aware of this and mediavine ceo talked about it in one of the webinar. You can find one in YouTube.

Let me see if i can find it for you.

Update:- check this out: https://youtu.be/KiTE6z2EKAs
It would help if you listen all through this to understand how ads work!

Trust me it has nothing to do with India or our tolerance.
However there is a possibility that a lot of infian advertisers have defaulted their payment resulting in huge clawbacks. It might also differ for niche to niche.

ok seems acceptable for now, just for the sake of pandemic…bt google does has a pre-pandemic history of holding and blocking large payments…ive never been a google fan coz i know all is not white inside it…and the monopoly it has needs to be challenged too…

lets hope things shld improve as large businesses have started unlocking, coz my niche does not have many short term advertisers !

Clawback was never 0. There was always a small clawback but as digital advertising advances and grows the number is increasing and the pandemic on top was just the perfect recipe for disaster.

It will only become worse with time.
The only way around is better monetization. And diversify your income stream.

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yes, thankfully i was able to end dependence on adsense a couple of years ago…yet these deductions are having their impact on cash flow…we’re into this disaster, with no end in sight…lets hope for better…cheers !

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I would suggest you move to a premium broker like ezoic, monumetric, newor or something similar.

It would be huge relief in terms of all these deductions. You get what you see. As simple as that!


yes, using cybermedia for the time being and its doing just fine…atleast getting what i see :slight_smile:

future survival lies only in moving away from google as much as possible.,.

80% of ads are served by google only even for all these ad mangament companies.

Then just switch to something else.

I am just waiting for one more day to see the deductions in my income. Let see how much AdSense will deduct from me.

So they deduct the clawback at the end of the month?

I am not sure of adsense as i haven’t worked with them. They still owe me a few $$ as i ran the ad but the pennies were not worth my time. My account now lies dormant till i start YouTube and use it for that :wink:

they deduct within 5 hours of ending of the concerned month… deductions done that soon cant be due to billing issues surely,…as cards get charged way later than that.

its surely a policy change, in which they are deducting all genuine clicks that were bouncy (visitor didnt spend much time on advertiser site)…

And google never bothers telling publishers about any policy change, as publishers are second class people for google…all publishers can do is pray for less deductions

Also, google has officially dropped its unofficial slogan - dont be evil…

Google is surely biggest evil out there, and surely worth a probe…bt people are busy finding other ways and means of earning…and so is google…

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Further…im in for filing a PIL against Google for this scam…and those who dont use Adsense cant understand this pain !

We just need a group of atleast 10 publishers. And yes, no money is involved in filing PIL and identity is not disclosed…its important to save our future earnings from being killed in name of Invalid Activity…as we know, no Adsense rival is coming in India anytime soon…

SC will call Govt and govt will call google and Google will have to clear air on this then…Google will be scolded for not informing publishers about such major policy update…

Google will be asked to behave or just take their ass away from Indian online ads market…And let our indigenous ad networks grow!

Update : This month also, 42 % earnings take away…and ive talked to people who have lost upto 95 %

Did you know google owns and run 80% of online ads currently.
It is one of the largest platform for ads and without them it will be nearly impossible to make money of your content.

yes and thats why it is happening bro and thats why our indigenous ad networks are not even trying to upgrade…even partners you mentioned are all from out of India…we cant let the wrong happen just because the doer is a biggie

You might need to file a legal battle then.

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u told about it earlier and i also replied on that earlier maybe u missed that…they deduct within 5 hours of ending of the concerned month… deductions done that soon cant be due to billing issues surely,…as cards get charged way later than that.

not sure as of now,…lets see for another few months and hope it gets better…will decide then

They have everything covered up in their terms and policy which all published Don’t read and just agree while signing up.

So basically it means you have agreed to these terms and if you did agree then there isn’t much a pil can do for you.

You need to file a strong lawsuit in such case. Which would be financially as well as mentally draining.

I have been fighting a lawsuit against one big company for over 3 years and i know how those work.

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