Planning to change WordPress theme

Hi there,

I am currently using Voice WordPress theme and now I am planning to change to Newspaper theme.

What’s your thought on the same.

I heard SEO wise there will be some problems??


Not an expert, but here is my friendly opinion on this.

  1. Changing from one theme to other is a mess specially when you are doing it on the same wordpress install. If you have planned to switch, better make a fresh install of your wordpress on a sub folder of your domain might be, install new theme there and then only after designing it completely there, switch things.

I just mean don’t follow the approach of just activating new theme in your current install. You will waste too much time clearing old css code and other stuff. Moreover this gives you a chance to clean your site too.

  1. I am unsure what others gonna say, but newspaper is not that great theme in my opinion. A year or two back it was way popular but well i have always found it bit heavy and buggy. So do lookout for alternative themes as well.

The likes of astra, generatepress or hello+ elementor can do great if done with proper customization.

  1. Regarding the SEO thing, untill or unless you donot change permalinks structure or don’t mess anything with the technical part or do anything wrong in your yoast settings, that point should not stop you from proceeding towards a better design

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you brother.

Let me research more about Astra and GeneratePress.

These themes might be okay for a news and tech blog, right?

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I am using GP, it has Site Library which can be useful for getting pre-designed theme.


Newspaper is recommended if you’re worried about site speed.
It’s too big almost 12MB
Also, the Newsmag is same.

The best theme I have tried till now.

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I am using GeneratePress Theme too. The best theme I have used till date.
I haven’t tried Astra yet.

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Both of these are general themes and can be used for any site with a little bit of customization. Restwise for tech blogs, if you don’t want anything too fancy and just need some post grids, and a good blog post layout, try twentytwenty wordpress theme with elementor and with some css.

You can get an awesome clean design with it.

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For news site go for newspaper, publisher, soledad or check happy themes.

For news site look and feel matters
Won’t recommend gp or astra for news site


I switched from Newsmag to a theme I made myself and it did not have any effect on SEO. One positive thing was it helped me reduce page size by a lot.