Please Guide Me To Select Niche

Hey, experienced guys I really need your valuable feedback.

So please read my problem carefully, understand it and then suggest to me .

Actually, guys, I have been blogging since 2017. So now I have very good experience in SEO and other thinks.

Till now I am an AdSense dependent blogger. But now I wanted to be an affiliate marketer.

  • My goal is to target the US and UK traffic with a brand new English blog.
  • For that, I purchased a domain an year ago.
  • I hadn’t researched any niche but I just wanted to start a technology related blog.
  • So I purchased domain i.e.
  • I published 8 - 10 articles in one year. (I was not serious about this blog. I was thinking whenever this blog is become old I will start writing.)

Now I have a reason to do hard work and earn money.

Target set > $1000 per month after six months from today.

But I stuck here

I realize that working on only one topic will make you an expert and it will help to rank higher on Google. Because more content on a single topic will help for better interlinking and google also take that site as an authority website.

So I have two topics to pick.

  • Blogging(Including hosting review, WordPress, and SEO tools review) > Because I learned many things in the past 3 years. So, I can produce more in-depth and content in a series. One more thing this topic will not take more time to write a new post for me.

I no there is a little bit of competition but I am ready to fight if gurus from these forms show the green signal.

Here you check my post( < I share this article because I want to you check my writing skill is good or not.

And what! Here you can check I done my first affiliate sale ever in my life using some secret method.

  • Modem - This is the second niche I can work. Because
  1. Accidentally my domain (TechModem) contains modem word. Probably it will give and an extra benefit.

  2. There is hundreds of keyword to write for and dozens of buying intent keyword. So I can do amazon affiliate.

I know both keywords are competitive but I can rank both topics.

I need higher votes to select niche between these. So, please help me.

Basically I can’t directly help you to decide a niche, because I haven’t yet successful in blogging but @sajjad @BLOGGING_SURGEON @DUGGU And many others can help you.

I just have learned “Your Interest=Your Niche”. Because there is nothing can be explained better if you don’t have any interest.


I have a few suggestion.

  1. Never go for a product focused name. Like modem. What happens is once you get at a level and want to expand the domain name will stop you from doing that right!

  2. Tech is a competitive niche to begin with especially if thats your first site targeting US audience and you dont have real products to show.
    Tech is also not evergreen so you are on a teeadmill. You need to keep working to keep it growing. The content you produce today is no longer viable 2 years from now. So be aware!

  3. As the way the internet market industry is shaping today, i would suggest you should never focus on one method of monetization. Like affiliate marketing. Why? You might have come to know about amazon rate cuts and so many other companies shutting their affiliate program. Its better to create a business where you never have all your eggs in one basket. Go for multiple sources of income:- premium ads(for US audience)+ affiliate+ lead generation+info product+online courses+audio course+consulting+onlinetools). You can use a combination of these to monetise the site.

I would definitely suggest a multi channel approach.
My goal for coming year is to create 3 large websites with supporting youtube channel followed by 20 info courses and lots of other ways of monetization.

I would also recommend you to go that route.

And incase you still want to go with tech, do your keyword research very well. Find good cracks and use that to build your way up.

P.S:- I rather go small niche and create a portfolio of sites by the time you build that one competitive site to success.

Premium ads pay quite well in US auidence. Here is a snapshot of one of my sites.!

Thats on the lower side with pandemic going on!
You dont need huge sites to earn money and create a business. I incline to work on passive sites that are evergreen!

Riches are in the niches :wink:


I disagree!

I believe instead of loving the topic you write about have love for the type of work you do and you will be successful!

The topic of the work doesn’t matter to me because what i love is my lifestyle of work. I can work whenever i want and take a break wehenever i want and still make money. Thats the freedom passive income provides you and when you love what you do you will be successful whatever the topic is!

But yeah if thats your first blog, go with something you are passionate about, even if you know nothing in the field!

But I don’t think so. Because many of us have too many interest and even some people don’t know their interest.

Another thing, this only work for choose career and not niche.

Like if I love singing then I should be singer.

Thank you @saurav_556 for great clearness.

Here What I visualized?

  • If I go for a product based blog(modem) it will shorten my reach and I can’t expand.

  • I should have multiple earning sources; In my case let suppose If my one article ranked for the best modem. It will work only for me when it is ranked. Otherwise, my income will be crashed in a day.

A lot of things have been cleared by your answer, but still waiting for the answers of other people.

Which platform is this?

That is mediavine, one of my favorite!
Shemedia and adthrive are equally good ones.


Rajdeep- This is true that your niche should be your interested topic, then you will not get bored to write about it.

The problem in this is, if that niche is not profitable then you will have to decide.:see_no_evil:

Then It can’t go longer as I will don’t get any return from my work.

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