Please help me unlock my twitter


I lost my old sim card aasociated to my twitter acount but i do have access to email. However twitter is only asking for my phone number.


Contact their support. They will help you remove your old phone number.

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What is their suports address?



i do already done resetting my password several times but after i login , twitter is still asking for a code that will be sent to my phone number but i dont have the sim card anymore.


@Meds_Sant Have you submitted ticket at above form?

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Yes i did but their reply was automatic , their mail states that i still need my phone number in order to unlock my account


If only theres a way that i can recieve my code via email but there is no option for email


No, there’s no way to do that.

You will receive another reply only if you were innocent and you didn’t spam Twitter.

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yes i am innocent. I do only follow several people earlier and i was shocked that my account was blocked. Before i can easily recover my account via email but now , they only ask for a phone number


how many accounts you follow?

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and how many followers do you?

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i already have 7,000 + followers and i follow about 500 people earlier.

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hi guys i already open my account. i recieved an email from twitter hehe. Thanks


That’s great! :grinning:

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Its happen to several accounts, you can unlock your twitter with any phone number…

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Look I told you :slight_smile:

Add a new number asap :smiley:

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Is it ok to remove the phone number on the settings? I already deleted my old number


Here’s the solution.

@GulshanKumar close this thread

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Please don’t inform to close an old thread, you bumped it after 11 months :triumph:

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