Please how can I increase page speed

Hello friends, hope you all are safe.

Please how do I increase my blog page speed. I’m getting Poor LCP issue: longer than 4s (desktop) on webmaster tool.

I want to improve it just like the one on this

This guide should help …

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Thanks. But this is not basically how to improve the site speed. There are lots of plugin to speed up. I have tried some of them, and my speed increase from 47 to 85 on mobile and even 95% on desktop. However, my LCP is still on 6.1 seconds but don’t know why it refused to reduce despite all the changes made on the blog. Later, I installed WP Rocket plugin which I already have on my other blog that the LCP is 2.5 seconds. Nevertheless, the LCP speed is still on the same 6.1 seconds. Don’t know if it takes time for Google insight speed to update the LCP or it’s just from my end.

Well, not every recommendation is suppose to apply on all sites. Feel free to play around with things you learn. :slight_smile:

All the best!

Can you share the URL of your website?

Finally, I was able to achieve this speed on the blog.speed

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Cache plugin you have used @Miracle ?

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Congratulations! Which theme do you use?

Yes. Like smush pro and WP rocket.

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News paper theme.


@Miracle you really did a miracle if it was Newspaper theme


yes, it’s really unbelievable.

not to be a prick or anything. you should hire sir Gulshan. He optimised my website and it is spectacular. ( a happy customer)

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How much did he charge? Have a blog that has been giving me tough time to optimize.

you should pm him. Good service!!!

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Discuss with him

with WP Rocket Plugin is totally unbelievable, I mean they(newspaper team) clearly said that we haven’t tested this Plugin on newspaper theme yet.

Also I have a worst experience with WP Rocket Plugin+ Newspaper theme, finally I have to left the theme.

1 Favour please:- can you share me the WP Rocket settings configuration which you are using on Newspaper theme?

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That’s what I said. Its miracle by @Miracle. If this was GeneratePress or Astra, I will easily believe it. But when he/she mentioned Newspaper. I was like “Its really a miracle”.

Please share your steps or other things that you did they will help us.

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Last time, I could achieve this result :heart_eyes:

Anyways, WP Rocket is not the only plugin I used. I also used wp optimizer, Auto optimizer and asyn JavaScript plugin. And as for the newspaper theme, you just have to choose the demo that is fast. The best way is to run each demo speed test before installing it. I will and upload the settings if possible here