Please Review My website

Dear Team, @GulshanKumar

my website getting low traffic . i’'m sharing links in whatsapp , facebook, push notification but still low traffic . also adsense revenue also too low

please guide me how to improve


I would say improve UX. Think from a visitor’s prospective.

  • Content first. Write with proper introduction, formatting & conclusion. For example

This exam is for xyx aspirants, conducted by abc…
Here we are providing you list of top 50 questions with answers sheet for the revision.

1. When Article 370 was abolished by the Govt of India?

  • 5 Aug 2019
  • 14 Sep 2019
  • 18 Jan 2020
  • None of them

Did you noticed one thing? I’ve written question in the bold and answer in the list. This way it looks clean.

You may use a Quiz plugin to make even better.

To further improve,

  • Use above the fold to show Logo, Header, Menu, Post title, first paragraph, then keep advt.
  • Choose a unique color scheme for Theme and featured image. Do not use too many colors.

thanks for the review .

what about adsense ad placement

Make first priority to show content then advt.

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i’m using generatepress theme . for the ad before was before header . as per your guide i have changed after head . is that ok ?

i also created quiz with Quiz plugin but users not interested in the quiz . they want to download pdf . bounce rate is high . do u have any suggestion

sample quiz url :

@Manikandan_A-ve , the ads are not loading. Check Console for warning and fix it.
Ads display aanathaana revenue varum bro…

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I think you have to write on little Trending Topics. also, try to adjust the placement of your ads too.

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