Please Suggest a Good Windows Cloud to Host ASP.Net Web Apps

I want to move 5-6 client web apps to a single hosting. All of them are and all are low traffic.

Currently using shared hosting and want to move to a better performing platform.

Please suggest a good and cheap Windows Cloud hosting platform which is suitable for my needs.

For best performance, you can use Vultr Cloud server. You can get $50 Free credits via my referral link.

This is same host which I use myself.


Is the $20/month plan the cheapest ?

yes, That is as per pricing of Windows server with Licence.

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Any other options, other than Vultr?

Alternatively, you can try UpCloud.

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Some more doubts.

In Vultr,

1.Do I need to pay additional money for SQL server
2. Is free SSL available?
3. Can i install WordPress?
4. Can l make SQL server dbs publicly accessible?
5. How to get free credits?

Its good I am using it also for “

@rocki here are the answers:

  1. No Idea
  2. For fress SSL (use cloudflare)
  3. Yes you can install wordpress but for that you need Linux server in your vultr account (for dot net - you need windows server)
  4. I think yes
  5. To get free credit use someone’s referral link (@GulshanKumar say may provide it)