Please suggest if doing so will result in duplicate content

Say I wrote an article about dog vs cat, where I made a table comparing some factors(lifespan, size, care, requirement, etc) and differentiated between two, Now I want to write dogs vs horses or anything else. Can I use the same table points for dogs that I used in earlier posts? I mean can I copy-paste the dog side of the table and write about horses from scratch? will it be considered duplicate content on my site? how can that affect SEO?
Please share your thoughts on the same?

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You can use common table head, there shouldn’t be any problem. Many sites when comparing products they do similar fomatting for their content.


No no i am not talking about factors column i.e age, size etc but the content in dog column. Can that be same as well in my other article?

Better not to use the same content but even if you do, I don’t think it can affect a lot!

I will also say you should not use same content in two posts.
Write fresh points there.

You should not use exact contents in two different URLs. It will raise a flag as Duplicate Content.
Research the common difference between the Horse and the Dog and write new points?