Plugin to insert affiliate links


Which plugin can we use to insert affiliate links.
Please guide me


Hey wasim but you don’t need to use plugin. I mean you can do it manually too.


Rishikesh bro manually means I have to put it inside posts?
Till now I have never used affiliate links but now I am planning to do it but I have no idea about it.


Yaa you can use affiliate link in posts. But there is other works you need to do externally.(in setup)

Here the step.

  1. You will have to add 301 redirection link in .htaccess file.
  2. Now you need to block accessing that URL to google from robots.txt file.

Please google for how to use affiliate link without plugin. You will get all information. And its too easy.


Personally, I use Affiliate Links Lite plugin.


Affiliate Link Lite is best, lightweight and perfect for me. Never had any issues.


How many affiliate links we should use in a post or page.


Thank you so much


Sir plz give me the exact plugin link :blush:


I think this is the link


Thanks :slight_smile: but I want the reply of gulshan sir


@gulshankumar sir plz reply kare


omg! He has shared link already


Ok & thanks sir :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!


Which affilItes networks or services are the best to earn


ShareASale, Commission Junction.


Thank you gulshan sir.
But if you will.tell me how to use them then it would be very helpful for me.
Can I use these in my hindi technical blog.


You need to sign up on their website. Once they approve, you can start promoting choosing any product from their market place.


Thank you sir.