Poll on blogging niche! Please give your valuable feedback


Hey guys, I just started a website for bloggers especially we Indian bloggers where I could help them in getting started and finding out a perfect niche for them and earn a successful living from their blog.

The aim of my blog is to help serious bloggers earn a fulltime income from their blog in 2-3 years timeframe. I am not writing on short term even blogging but my focus is to create a blog which is more like a longterm business.

But first I wanted to see how broad people mindset are among bloggers and there cannot be another great place like this to analyze the same. I want you guys to answer a few questions: Here are my answers you can just replace it with your own. If you are unsure you can leave it blank
1)Since when you are blogging: 6 years
2)How many blogs do you have currently:-3
3)What niche are you working on -Pet industry(2 passive niche site), 1 new authority site in blogging and how to get started.
4)Target audience:- USA, UK, Australia
5) Monetization:- Premium ads, info product and affiliate from Amazon.com(USA)
(Here from niche I don’t want you to share exactly all the details but just the general overview like I did)
I shall share my website later when I have some quality content in it.
Do comment and share your thoughts on this. This will help me in creating helpful content for everyone!


How is competition on pet niche?


The competition is tough …there are sites like petsmart,petco, Sprucepet and many others…
But there is always some room in any niche…just need to look it from a different angle