(POLL) Redis vs. Memcached for Wordpress?


Which one do you prefer? Please vote and tell us your reason…

  • Redis
  • Memcached

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For a WordPress blog, Memcached will do just fine.

And if you are running something like WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace, then Redis will be better.


I found a guide about how to install Redis on Ubuntu 18.04, but can’t find memcached guide. The memcached guides look old and for php5&Ubuntu 14.04


For static content sites memecache would be a better choice not to forget it is a multi thread system and consumes less memory resources than redis. So for WordPress it can be better a option.

But for heavy dynamic applications Redis hands down anyday!


Thank you for informations.

I found this for redis: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-secure-redis-on-ubuntu-18-04

But there is no memcached guide for nginx ubuntu 18.04 :frowning:


Never deploy redis on a production server for a task like WordPress.

Redis is primarily for database acceleration. What you need is static acceleration.


I’m using W3TC on Wordpress.

Disk:Enhanced or Disk:basic for page cache.
Database cache:memcached
Object cache:memcached

Above settings are good for W3TC according to you?

Easyengine recommends above settings.


If that’s a Question for me, Yes, this sounds Good.

However, make sure You have a lot of spare RAM as memcached uses RAM to store the most common responses and files to reduce latency.