Poll - What will you do if there is no WordPress or Blogging tomorrow?


Qualitative question.

Imagine that from tomorrow blogging is no more. The purpose of a blog is to get readers and generate revenue from them. But now blogging disappeared.

What other mediums will you use to connect to your readers? Teach and educate them. Convince them and then convert them? Most preferred mediums for u?

  • Videos
  • Ebooks
  • Forum
  • Social Community
  • Others (please specify)

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@abhishek If possible, please elaborate your answer about ‘Others’.


It seems someone from google read this. :rofl::rofl: Today Adsense earnings is stuck due to some issue at Adsense. Updated earnings is not showing.

Interesting to see that majority of people want to get into videos. Though i am really confused by OTHERS. Hmmmm. Seems people know something we dont. I myself dont know what others are possible.