Poll: Which Social Sharing Plugin do you use currently?


I use … (please select or write below)

  • Monarch
  • JetPack Social Sharing
  • Social Warfare
  • Easy Social Share button
  • Theme - Custom built
  • none of the above

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Team Monarch :grin:


Sumo …


Guess, Monarch is the fastest one! True?


Sumome is feature packed, requires account sign up, comes with Analytics support also :slight_smile:
Was using it, but removed for the sake of performance.


Yes it doesn’t effect much on speed.
But is it fastest? I can’t be sure.


Looks in budget to me by performance and design.


As a free plugin social warfare is great


Not sure but I think nothing is as fast as Sumo. Plus It provides the great funcationality of adding social share plugins to bottom of content as well :slight_smile:


used to be great, it’s no more seems with recent updates many users are complaining.


I left it after a big update some months back.


You have to “join” to download the plugin. :sleepy: No option to buy just the one plugin :unamused:


Shocked: Nobody is using JetPack Social Sharing. Wow!!


theme custom built… and AddtoAny


“None of the above” is missing in choice


I use Social Warfare.


I dropped using Social Warfare after the update because it is not showing properly in mobile.
Currently, I am using Social Pug Recommended by Gulshan.

But, I can see some of you were using SUMO. How about the site speed before and after the plugin use?
It seems SUMO affects site performance.


Fixed. Thanks


But I am using " orbit fox & jetpack plugins "


No sharing… :stuck_out_tongue: