Preference Poll : Publishing Lot of Content vs Ranking for Content


This is a poll on which one is a desirable position - To publish a lot of content or to rank for content.

If you were given an option, which one will you prefer

  • Having 1000 articles ranking between 1 to 10
  • Having 200 articles ranking between 1 to 5 (and no other articles on the site)
  • Having 100 articles ranking at number 1 or Position 0 (and no other articles on the site)

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I think the pole is on incorrect topic, it must be Quality content vs quantity of content.
Is it good to publish medium quality 7 post a week or good quality 1-2.
Or a balance between both, say 4-5


The way you are presenting, it looks like a time related question

if i am a part time blogger, i will write 1-2 good quality posts a week or so.
If full time, i might write 4-5.

So quality vs quantity is a time related question also.

The reason i asked it on Articles basis is, i wanted to know what people want? What kind of blogs do people want? Like u selected a blog with 1000 articles but all of them ranking between 1-10.

So this has no time factor involved. The factor involved is Ranking. What ideal rank do u want ur blog to have. Thats it.

if i had asked u how many blog posts u want to publish a week, that becomes a different question.