Preload warning in Console

The resource was preloaded using link preload but not used within a few seconds from the window’s load event. Please make sure it has an appropriate as value and it is preloaded intentionally.

I don’t know where this is related to AdSense Code or not. Wants to make sure of everything.


That is related to AdSense.

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Is there any way to solve this?
I have been using AdSense script in header.php This one <script async src="//"></script>
so that I don’t have to use this code in every Ad Unit
Is this due to this script?

This is due to some issue in adsense, say you have 5 ads in a page and when someone opens it knly 4 are displayed, but the 5th js. also runs but the slot remains empty.
This causes this error, atleast upto my knowledge, you can leave it as it fixes automatically. As ads act different for different users.

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I don’t know if that is cause.

Preload is a simple approach to hint browser that next moment need to serve particular thing instantly. There is nothing to fear about it. It’s normal.

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Ok, This may be the cause. :slight_smile:

Thank You Guys