Prevent invalid clicks

Today morning I opened adsense and saw 150pageviews and 38 clicks.

I immediately removed ads.

After half an hour only 5 clicks…

Is there anyway to prevent this kind of activity.

This might help

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Already using it for last 2 years but still today it happened.

Display Ad only if visitor has landed to page from the Search Engine (Google).

Hint: GTM can help configuring such rule.

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How to do it…
Is it possible with every ad units.

It’s hard to explain here. That deserve a seperate article.

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Ok i will discuss it later

Adsense Will not ban you until those clicks comes from you. No need of any plugin or script. Read it:

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Make sure you have warpped your ads code with the class aicp div tag

 <div class="aicp">
...your ad code goes here...

Else this plugin will don’t work because it’s not a plug and play plugin.

Thanks for this but still I got feared.
Currently ads are off in my site…

How this will help @rajdeep

@Wasim_Akram Just installing the Adsense Invalid Click Protector will not protect your ads from being invalid clicked. You have to use the div tag as according to the docs of the plugin.

Google will automatically know if someone try to invalid click