Privacy policy & GDPR (For amazon affiliates & google adsense websites)


Totally confused about what should be privacy policy for new amazon affiliate and google adsense website? Checked every thread here and internet for getting even more confusion about what exactly should be the privacy policy for website?? suggest any genuine privacy policy generator for this shit gdpr ?? :rage:


Find out the biggest competitor and authority site of your niche and copy their privacy policy page :neutral_face: but don’t copy exactly… read it and do the required changes.


I thought that but what if he not complying ( woh toh marega saath me hum bhi marege ) :ghost:


These type of sites have experts for all these things so they know these things properly. :face_with_monocle:


Mammoth privacy policy :open_mouth: . How to copy this ??


This is required for GDPR etc. Spend some time. Read it and modify it according to your site and then publish it. It is a one-time thing only :grimacing:


can i copy and then modify will that be issue??


No! Just don’t publish the same without even reading it.


I understand that bro. My question is if we copy some parts of privacy policy and paste from other websites will that be fine??


Yes as long as it is applicable to your site also.


For Amazon, you just need to disclose that you are using Affiliate links (FTC Rules). Just create a page and name it “Affiliate Disclosure” and copy the same exact words from this page and change it to match your domain. Most affiliate marketers use this same exact template

For GDPR, try to find a privacy policy which mentions these following things: Personal & Non-Personal Identification information and how you collect, use and store them, Your sites use of Cookies, Your Advertising Partners with links to thier privacy & cookie policy. Also, mention that you will change the privacy policies according to your will and that user has agreed to your privacy policy by using your site. At the end of your privacy policy mention a contact email which can be used to ask further questions.

And the most important part is to find a plugin that will show cookies & consents banner when a new user enters your site.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Just giving an advice from my experience and research.