Privacy Policy Page

I have some questions regarding the Privacy Policy page :

  1. Is it important to mention the privacy policy of the services that we embed in our website like Youtube or linking to their policy pages is enough?
  2. Do we need to mention, if we’re using some third-party share buttons?
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You should mention.

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Agree with @GulshanKumar
Also, At now google adsense reqires
About us, privacy policy, contact us, terms and conditions pages to approve any google adsense account.

One more thing, If I am using Cloudflare with or without CDN, do I need to mention that also.

I am not using Google AdSense ads on that website.

Yes, if you use their CDN then you can mention that they set _cfduid first-party cookie for security reason.

Here’s my privacy policy page :

Is it enough, or should i add some more things?

cc - @Saksham, @BihariLala, @GulshanKumar

@GulshanKumar kuch bataye nahi

Sorry for delay response.


This particular heading you can remove. Rest everything looks good.