Product or service sell in India online


Gulshan has account on Fiverr and is selling his services. Similarly many members here I see have listed services on many different platforms.

My question for you:

  1. How many clients you get?
  2. Out of these how many are from India?
  3. What is the normal behavior of Indian clients you get?
  4. Out of Indian clients, how many are first time buyers of any online services?

I need this data for one of my project. Any help will be highly appreciated.



It’s my pleasure to answer your questions.

  1. I get around one or two clients in a week
  2. 95% from India
  3. They cooperate well throughout the work.
  4. Most are first time buyer, as well as referral.



Do they call you and discuss before making online payment :slight_smile:


No any call.

To get payment on time, I prefer using Fiverr platform because they can make payment in advance to me. I can also have a deadline in which I can complete.

If I don’t use Fiverr, higher chances I will get paid after completion of work.


I also have an account on and I got one client from Italy (of $100 - task is in progress).


@BihariLala India is chaning.

Last month sold services worth 16000 :slight_smile: Total 4 sales for 4000 each plust GST.


Same here, I am getting more clients now. :slight_smile:
Completed 25+ projects on Fiverr.


Over 200/Year

About 80%

They sometimes have very abstract idea of what they’re looking for. No certainty abou how they want it done.

Almost 60%


You doing good.

What service you sell? How do you manage sales?
You selling through Fiver or any other online channel?


Enterprise grade network deployment & management

Phone, email, forwards from business partners & own website.

We have our own websites for that.


Made 10 sales so far. 4000 Rs. each.
But as usual before getting any sales, 20 minutes interview on phone. :slight_smile:


An updated answer.

  1. A few clients in a week.
  2. 50% from Asia.
  3. They expect very PERFECT job in less cost.
  4. May be 20%


After talking a lot when I say I am a CA, they instantly pay online :slight_smile:

Surprise them or impress them, works.