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Progress Update For My Blog:-Month 13 Update

Hey everyone,

I am starting a new blog in the gardening niche. I am not sharing the URL right now but I will do that once the site is a year old.

In this thread I am going to log all my journey for the first year. I will eventually make a site for my portfolio of blogs, but for now let’s keep it here.

The progress till today:-

Purchased the domain
Got it set up on my WPX hosting
Installed the theme
Got the basic logo from canva
Setup GSC and analytics

Please note: I did all if these in a single day. Don’t waste time playing with colors and design as for the initial 60 days no one is coming to your blog organically atleast so focus on content content and content!

Installed some plugin:-

  1. Flyingpress
  2. Perfmatters
  3. Shortpixel
  4. Elementor for sales page only
  5. Wp external links for link management
  6. Grow for social sharing
  7. Easy table of contents

I am trying to keep the plugin to minimum to get the best on performance and reduce the bloat. Also, I am not using any SEO plugin as those are useless as far as I have experienced!

I am skipping the about me, contact me, terms and conditions privacy policy and all other things for now.

These are important but not as much as the actual content. I shall update these next month or once I get my first 50 article done.

Coming to the plan of writing(the most important part)

I have a plan and hitlist ready for 300 articles which I shall write( and outsource) in next one year.

The site is going to drive most of its traffic organically and I shall set up Pinterest once the site is 3-4 months old.

The monetization strategy for the site is primarily via ads(Mediavine or Adthrive), affiliate and info product(Self published Books).

I will start a YouTube to compliment the site after a few months.

The plan for September is to write atleast 60000 words which is 30 articles on average. I may increase and take it to 50 if time permits.

Each post ia going to have 1-2 images, A dedicated hidden pin for Pinterest and may be a YouTube video embedded wherever needed.

I will update the thread with my traffic, number of post and earning every month to keep you guys updated.

Hope the journey and update will help and motivates others to work and get success in the world of online busines!


Big Fan of yours brother.
Always wish you best of luck.


It would be really interesting to know how much progress you have achieved.

Best Of Luck Bro👍

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Good Luck Saurav. Watching

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Just a quick little update:-

I think I kept the bar too low.
5 days into the project and I am already done with 10 post and a total of 22000 words.

I will raise the bar to 100000 words and 50 posts for this month. Although I am not sure how close I can get! But will give it my best!


@saurav_556 What kind of keywords are your getting. High, medium or low search volume keywords?

You will never know the search volume until you rank 1-3 for it.

My approach is not keyword targeting.
I target intention of the user. Which includes problem they may face.

For example why is my iphone heating up from the bottom.

On an average i intend to get just 800-1000/pv per article.

Its quite easy!

300 articles and 200000 pv/month with medium monetization like ads and affiliate will easily fetch 4000$ per month!

I intend to build 5 of such sites. One is done, rest two are in progress among which i am noting the progress of my latest site here.

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@saurav_556 Good to hear :slight_smile: How much traffic are you getting at present with the site that has been completed.

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Its around 90k pageviews, a little low but that is expected during summer slump. I revently added 180 articles in last 3 months. Waiting for those to rank and flood the traffic. It should get to the 200k mark by march april!

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@saurav_556 Wow, so much to learn from you. Can I know the age of that domain?

How much max you will allocate the budget for every project?

@saurav_556 all the best for the project.

How you’re going to create backlink and build authority in starting day? Any suggestion?

I bouhht that in 2018 November. I started writing on feb 2019.

This one is brought in august.

I have spend 2500$ last 3 momth im contemt for my other sitw which i completed.

I intent to take it slow for first 6 momths(600$ per month. Test the water and see what type of article works best. Then double down and groundhog that to sucess.

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No backlink strategy.
The only strategy is content. Quality content.
I am even not using any SEO plugin in this one.
Just on Page SEO.
Well optimized site. That’s it.
If done correctly you will get traffic and backlink organically.
Just wait and see the results :wink:

Using Pinterest is a good way to get some initial traction. Also writing underserved topics helps a lot. That way you will crawl your way into serp for those first few articles and once traffic comes in its all about snowball effect.

Every niche have some crack out there. You just need to find those.

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Just a quick little update as well:-
I am 14 articles and 29000 words done till date.
No traffic or revenue till date.


This is you writing all the content or $600 is going towards the monthly content you have mentioned?

Its me + content outsource.
Everything is checked and edited and cleaned by me though!

With the number of projects in my hand, Its impossible to manage it all by myself.

I am building a team to work with.
I intent to spend most of my income from established site on content in next 2 years.
That shall be enough to get 5 sites up and running with 20000$ a month revenue.


I am not earning that amount right now. Thats my 5 year down plan. Please read properly.

I am currently just done with one site out of this portfolio and the site is at 1500/month. With time it shall reach 3000$ per month with ease.

The rest revenue is a split of my rest 4 sites. Out of which 2 are in progress!

This post is just a log of my journey to that point!

And by the way its upto you to believe it or not!

What happened to you bro why are you talking like this. Saurav bhai is not just telling he is one of the best guide even for me.

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@amit Please avoid such language and don’t be rude. Everyone here at HGK including @saurav_556, @GulshanKumar, @BihariLala and even me help each other and share our experience and expertise.

So, don’t be negative.

It doesn’t matter much. I believe results will speak louder than voice.