Progress Update For My Blog:-Month 13 Update

@saurav_556 Completely agree with you. All the best buddy, you’ll achieve it :muscle:

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Bro, every time try to learn, even master bloggers are also needs sometimes suggestions… .
Saurav, Abhishek Verma ,BihariLal & Gulshan Kumar they are one of the best bloggers even 99% they are solving the solutions in HGK Forum, so have patients and try to learn… .

@saurav_556 How you got access to FlyingPress because they are no more selling it.


Try my tool, it’s JS free and very fast, will help with page loading speed.

Soon, they will re-open after fixing the issues on the first version. Let’s wait for better version.

Currently using AddThis floating buttons.

Where to paste this code? In CSS or in theme?
& Can you pls add few mode social icons, like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Mail, Tumblr, Mix & Digg??

You can use the Advanced Ads plugin to place these share buttons.

Just a quick little update:-

I have completed 28 posts.

The initial target of 60000 words have been broken.

I haven’t bothered to check traffic yet, because i know its going to be nothing or bots only.

Same goes for monetization. No ads, No affiliate. Nothing started yet.

The target for 40000 additional words is in progress! Let’s see how far i can go!

I will slow down the content speed a little bit. I will start going back and interlink the articles as well. I haven’t done any interlinking yet.

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@saurav_556 good to hear bro.

Wow! You’re doing good. Very inspiring…

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Blogging Guruji!

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@saurav_556 any updates?

Will update at the end of the month now!
I have been a little busy with other work so the content is a little slowed down but i am continuing to publish atleast one post daily.

Progress update in September 2020:
A total number of articles written: 42
Word count: 91000(Rounded off)

Other pages like about me, contact us, terms, and privacy policy is done.

A basic menu is created and the homepage is set up with some customization so users can navigate through content easily.

No promotion or social account started. No affiliate or any monetization done.

I have planned to start Pinterest from October 1st.
Monthly update 1 analytics Monthly update 1

The plan for next month is to produce 40-50 blog posts again.

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That is really nice, congrats, good to Know about your next month plan, Following… .

Have you sold your website?

Nope. Its still doing good!

I just saw your site and photo. Where are you from?