Query About - Article Readability Score for Blogs

Dear Friends,
Today I observed most of the blogs ranked on the top of Google didn’t follow certain Yoast Readability Check.

  1. No sentences should be more than 20 words.
    Is it necessary to follow this condition still?
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Actually Readability is important for voice search. So if you are focusing your blog for Google Assistant then Readability is must.
More at https://yoast.com/does-readability-rank

Thank you.

Today I have seen most of the blogs like entrepreneur, thebalancemb, thebalancecareer, forbes, doesn’t follow this condition. They wrote 4 - 5 lines without breaks. How it could be possible to write like that?


Why we are following this practice?

Writing a sentence less than 20 words and moving to the next line…

Which method do we need to follow?

It’s another way of story telling.

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Actually Patel breaks the line after every sentence because he wants to make easy to read for mobile users. That’s it.

If you writing more than 20 words then it may be a problem for mobile users while scrolling down. so, it is just a way of writing.

And btw Yoast is just used for suggestions, nobody should spend time on making changes in their posts to achieve higher score in Yoast.

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I am aware of it brother, but want know which one should we follow.
Else, if we wanna to test how it could be done and what results do we need to observe from this test.