Query about SEMrush free trial account


Hey guys I want to try 7 days SEMRush free trial.

But when I was trying to sign up for claiming 7 days trial account. They asked for billing information.

Honestly guys after expires free plan I don’t want to use such an expansive tool.

So just think when the plan is expires will they cut their regular price automatically from my billing account.

I mean what is the billing criteria after expires a free plan?


You will have to give them the information they are asking. But before the trial will end, they will email you about it and you can opt out of the plan in just one click.

So don’t worry about it! You can also go to my account, billing and cancel the plan from there.

Or if you want, sign up for the plan and then immediately cancel the plan so you will not be billed but you can use the tool for the trial period!!


thanks bro.