Query about Vultr Server Locations


Hi Team,

Next month my Bluehost plan is going to expire. I will try to move my blogs to Vultr. So, I have few doubts about the server location.

One blog has readers from the US and another blog has readers from India. So shall I go to two different servers or choose one plan with single server location?

is it possible to create two different servers in one account?






You can use Vultr for USA region. And, Digital Ocean for the India. It would be better in my opinion.


Do you mean to buy the DO and Vultr?


Exactly. DO have Indian DC. And, Vultr for Dallas, USA (GST Free).


What kind of traffic do you have? if you have your concentration in India then go for Singapore node of Vultr or Digitalocean, If you have only Indian traffic then Go for Digitalocean Bengaluru.


I have 90% indian traffic for one blog and 90% US traffic for another blog.


Get a High performance Server from Vultr and host both blogs on it, Go for some European location.


Yeah, I am checking. Thanks for the recommendation.



Multiple sites on same IP was never a problem.
However, Same content on multiple site is enough to shoot down your ranking on search engines these days.


Multiple sites on same IP and linking each other is a problem?
When content is different… but topic is similer


One two links are fine but if you do a lot of link exchange… then it will be a problem!!


And if IP is different ? Then can we do heavy link exchange ?
One of my competitor is doing this lyk 900 link exchange… from past 1 yr … Still google love his both site… :neutral_face:


Why do you even want to do heavy link exchange?? There is no use of this.

If you are interested in all this, then study the link structure, on page SEO etc. of dotdash sites. They are very well structured!!

I cannot say anything without checking the sites but if Google is loving his sites then there must be other things also which are good and legit.


I am also against that… Was curious just because of my competitor


@imamit Today only i found this hosting… they are small but looks good to me… you can try for 14 days for free…

I have not used them… but soon will try there free offerings.


I will check this hosting, but most probably will go for the Vultr. Thanks for recommending.