Quick suggestion on the ebook cover design

Hey guys what do you think of the cover design?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Make font left aligned and regular 400 weight on the back cover

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Anything else?


Letter spacing of the subtitle is weird and it is not vertically center aligned

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Anything on the overall design aspect?

Abhishek Kumar will tell you that

Agreed with @Chey

In my opinion, you should try another font for the body & don’t use letter-spacing on the font.

You mean for the back cover?
or the subheading?

I really liked this cover page.

You can attach an author picture on the front or back cover bottom area.

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I thought so but then it is in the author page inside so let it be

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I dont feel this border is looking good…

kaunsa border?

are red border to point out karne ke liye lagaye hain

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main samajh gaya :slight_smile:

samajdar ho