Quick tips for the bloggers who are designing logos for website

I just designed a logo for my website then thought why not share some tips here.

  • Always try to use the SVG format image to reduce the size of the image and get the highest quality.
  • While exporting SVG from Adobe illustrator always choose outline in font rather than SVG. It will help you to show the logo on the website that does not support the font you have in the logo.
  • Always sanitize the code of your SVG to avoid any security issues. For WordPress, use the Safe SVG plugin
  • Always try to make a horizontal and linear logo.
  • Try to keep logo as clean as possible

That’s it.


Any tips on how to choose right color pallets (except using those pallet generators ) and how to choose right fonts ?

I do have a bad taste with this and sometimes all fonts lookalike same to me ?


It all depends on the type of website you have. Just check the topic of your website and look then design the logo and choose fonts/colors accordingly.

Like you’re designing a fashion store website with vintage look you’ll choose while if you’re designing for a tech website with modern look then font and colors will be different.:blush:

Its all about hit and trial until you found right combination, Stop focusing on perfection just make random things with font that you never used before. believe me worked for me

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No. its not a hit and trial thing if you understand how things work. So, don’t waste time and go with the outline thing. You can choose SVG in font if you’re using a very common font like Georgia, Helvetica or Arial.